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NSW Government

The NSW government is the largest organisation and employer in the country - looking after a vast state, home to nearly a third of all Australians. They're made up of a number of departments and agencies, including Education, Health, Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, and Communities and Justice.

10,001+ employees
Grad programs
City of Sydney

The City of Sydney is the local government authority responsible for the central business district (CBD) and more than 30 suburbs or parts of suburbs within our boundaries. - We welcome you to follow our LinkedIn page but please be aware of our City of Sydney social media community guidelines: - Sydney is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, and accessible city with a diverse population, a rich history, world famous tourist attractions and an exciting calendar of international and local events. In 2007, the City of Sydney asked residents and businesses what they wanted to see happen over the next 20 years and beyond. The result is a collective vision for Sydney’s sustainable development, called Sustainable Sydney 2030, which will make Sydney a green, global and connected city. The city is fast becoming a leading environmental performer and our sustainability plan guides what we do. Sustainable development is not just about the physical environment, but about fostering Sydney’s economy, society and culture as well.

1,001-5,000 employees
Grad programs

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Frequently asked questions

How is government adapting to new technologies?

What are the career prospects in government?

Is government good for early careers?

What’s it like to work in government?

What are the key roles and responsibilities within the government industry?

In the government industry, key roles and responsibilities include formulating and implementing policies, ensuring the welfare and safety of citizens, managing public finances, providing public services, maintaining law and order, conducting diplomacy, and representing the country's interests domestically and internationally. Government officials are responsible for making decisions that impact the lives of citizens, promoting economic growth, protecting the environment, and upholding democratic values. They must also engage with stakeholders, collaborate with other branches of government, and address the needs and concerns of the public.

What skills and qualifications are valuable in government?

Valuable skills and qualifications for a career in the government industry include strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a deep understanding of public policy and governance. Proficiency in data analysis, project management, and decision-making is also highly sought after. Additionally, a solid educational background in fields such as political science, public administration, or law can provide a strong foundation for a successful career in the government sector.

What career development and progression opportunities does government offer?

The government industry offers career development and progression opportunities through various means. These include training programs, workshops, and seminars that enhance employees' skills and knowledge. Additionally, the government often provides opportunities for promotion and advancement based on performance and experience. Employees can also benefit from mentorship programs and networking events that help them build relationships and expand their professional network. Overall, the government industry prioritizes career development to ensure employees have the necessary tools and opportunities to grow and succeed in their careers.

What are the emerging trends in government?

One emerging trend in the government industry is the increasing use of technology and data analytics to improve efficiency and decision-making. Governments are adopting digital platforms, automation, and artificial intelligence to streamline processes and enhance citizen services. Another trend is the focus on sustainability and climate change, with governments implementing policies and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on transparency and accountability, with governments leveraging technology to provide open data and engage citizens in decision-making processes. Professionals should stay updated on these trends to adapt and contribute effectively in the government sector.